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Spotsylvania County

Spotsylvania's strategic location is not just a geographic advantage. The site selection process involves many different factors that affect a location’s potential for profitability. In the case of Spotsylvania County, one key factor ties all the rest together: our strategic location.
  • Outdoor attractions like Lake Anna, golf, wineries, parks and marinas
  • Numerous indoor attractions like bowling alleys, arcades, sports recreation centers, and movie theaters
  • Historic and Civil War attractions like the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, Confederate Cemetery, and the Civil War Life Museum
  • Shopping from quaint gift and antique shops to Spotsylvania Towne Center and Central Park, one of the East Coast's largest retail shopping areas
  • Dining - at over 100 restaurants from fast food to elegant fine dining
  • Lodging - lovely Bed & Breakfasts, modern hotels, rustic campgrounds & everything in between
  • Exciting Calendar of Events...

Spotsylvania County Information

Business in Spotsylvania County

Spotsylvania is a great place to live and visit, and has something to offer everyone:

Easy Transportation Access - and proximity to major markets are crucial for businesses that are looking for a place to relocate or expand.
  • Spotsylvania County's central East Coast location puts 65% of the total U.S. population within 750 miles.
  • And its prime location between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA provides ideal access to these markets. Interstate 95, the East Coast’s main transportation corridor, runs right through the county.
  • Three major airports are within a 90-minute drive. Rail capacities include commuter service to D.C., intercity passenger service, and containerized freight, piggyback, and team track services.
  • Baltimore’s seaport facilities are 90-minutes away, and the Port of Hampton Roads, the world’s largest natural harbor, is within two hours. A 12-foot navigable channel exists in the Rappahannock River and is directly accessible to the region.

More Advanced Infrastructure - Spotsylvania enjoys a leading-edge telecommunications infrastructure that benefits both high-tech companies and those in more traditional sectors, as well. Our County is linked to a fiber-optic network, covering 18,500 miles and enabled by Nortel Networks’ industry-leading, optical-networking technology. Verizon and GTE have the cutting-edge, far-reaching, reliable technology to help you do business including full telecommunications services like advanced fiber optic capabilities, WATS lines, and teleprinter services. The County even has a high-tech telecommuting center, built by the General Services Administration for federal workers, but also available for use by private companies.

Utilities - Spotsylvania County also exceeds expectations when it comes to the basic resources needed for today’s businesses. From electric power to water to natural gas, Spotsylvania has the high-quality utilities and natural resources that help businesses prosper. Reliable, low-priced electric power, costing 15% less than the national average, is readily available in Spotsylvania from well established, experienced companies with the capacity and the forethought to meet Spotsylvania’s industrial, commercial, and residential needs, both today and in the future.

Columbia Gas of Virginia supplies natural gas and a full spectrum of associated services to approximately 6,000 customers in Spotsylvania and surrounding areas.

Although water in some areas of the County is supplied by groundwater wells and springs, most residential, commercial and industrial sites in Spotsylvania are served by the County’s public water system and its ample supply of clean, clear water. The system has a maximum daily production rate of 6 million gallons and finish water-storage capacity of 6.3 million gallons, with plans for a 6-mgd water treatment plant and an 8-mgd reservoir.

The Spotsylvania County landfill has the capacity necessary to accommodate the solid waste needs of a growing industrial area, which means manufacturing and industrial companies can conveniently and cost-effectively do business here. All industrial and commercial establishments are served by private contractors. Commercial haulers who use County landfills are charged a fee.

Soil - The soil we build on and grow in is a key aspect of Spotsylvania’s strategic location for a variety of businesses. Planners, community officials, engineers, developers, builders, and home buyers all have access to Spotsylvania’s comprehensive soil survey data, which can be used to help plan land use, select sites for construction, identify special practices needed to ensure proper performance, and identify productive agricultural or forest lands.

Woodlands - 70% of Spotsylvania County’s total land area (184,537 acres) is made of up of woodland, much of which consists of second-growth hardwoods, loblolly pine, and Virginia pine, varying in size from seedling and pole to mature saw timber.

While we’ve encouraged growth in Spotsylvania, we also know that woodlands and other natural areas contribute to the high quality of life here, and are actively seeking to maintain them.

Air Quality - Spotsylvania enjoys good air quality, and most new or expanding industries have no problem meeting air quality standards established by the EPA and State Air Pollution Control Board. Pursuant to the Federal Clean Air Act of 1977, Spotsylvania is classified as an "undesignated" area.

High-Tech Territory - Spotsylvania County is located adjacent to Northern Virginia (NOVA), home to more than 6,000 high-tech companies and second in concentration only to Silicon Valley. For more than 12 years, many of these companies have been migrating to Spotsylvania, because, like NOVA, the County offers proximity to Washington, D.C.; access to a well-educated, highly trained workforce; and a sophisticated, high-speed telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, Spotsylvania has lower real estate costs than NOVA, a higher quality of life, lower taxes, a workforce with the right qualifications, and no long commute!

Smart & Abundant Workforce - Spotsylvania has a low unemployment rate – less than 2% – and yet there is a more than abundant workforce available to businesses here. In addition to the 131,000 workers that live within the Spotsylvania region, nearly one million highly educated, highly mobile workers live within the County’s 40-minute commute zone, which extends into Northern Virginia, a highly interconnected region with a workforce that is both very large and very mobile. What’s more, the Spotsylvania/NOVA workforce boasts educational levels that far surpass the national average, and that have been on the rise for more than a decade.

Diverse Industry - In Spotsylvania, you’ll find everything from high-tech to back-office, manufacturing to call centers, and retail to warehousing and distribution – a diverse economic base that makes for a strong economic base.

In fact, Spotsylvania has been ranked by Demographics Daily as the #1 small-business sector in the U.S. The study analyzed conditions in each of the 1,003 counties and independent cities that have at least 1,000 small businesses. Spotsylvania was ranked first in the nation, with a vitality index of 602, six times the national benchmark of 100.

Vigorous Growth - Spotsylvania is the 13th fastest growing county in the nation and has:
  • Rising employment: a 70% increase regionally between 1990 and 2002 (vs. 21% statewide)
  • Small business growth: an astronomical rise of 182% from 1993 to 1998 (vs. national average of 8.2%)
  • A growing labor pool: already over a quarter million strong, with a 6% annual population increase among the highest in the nation
  • Long-term population growth that has been increasing for more than three decades and has grown 57.5% in the past ten years alone.

Quality of Life - Spotsylvania offers its residents a highly desirable quality of life with many business, recreational, educational and cultural opportunities and a rich history. Visit quality of life page for more!

Spotsylvania County Lifestyle

Spotsylvania County’s quality of life makes it easy for expanding and relocating companies to attract and retain key employees. This is due to highly desirable lifestyle factors such as excellent public schools; low crime rates; abundant, affordable housing; a wide range of opportunities for spousal employment, and access to artistic, sports, recreational and cultural amenities.

Spotsylvania, county has so much to offer. The Spotsylvania Department of Parks and Recreation has an extensive program listing for people of all ages, they also offer numerous parks and recreational facilities.

Beautiful Spotsylvania County is rich in history with things to see and do:

  • Visit one of our four Civil War battlefields
  • Tour the Historic Spotsylvania Court House District
  • Stay at one of our hotels or bed and breakfasts
  • Enjoy some fun in the sun at Lake Anna
  • Take a sip of an award winning wine from one of Wineries
  • Spend the day at one of our local golf courses
  • The Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park and Lake Anna State Park (fishing, boating, swimming) are located within the County. The Shenandoah Mountains, Rappahannock River, beaches, zoos, aquariums, museums, and many other cultural and recreational attractions like bowling alleys, skating rinks, family fun centers, and movie theaters are located within the county or within a short drive.
  • The nationally acclaimed Central Rappahannock Regional Library has two branches in Spotsylvania.
  • There are a variety of youth sports available throughout the area including football, soccer, swimming, dance, gymnastics, etc. There are also a full range of High School and College sports teams and events. Spotsylvania's proximity to Richmond, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore make enjoying professional sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, football, hockey and NASCAR easy.
  • There several denominations and a wide range of churches and places to worship in the Fredericksburg Region.


Visit the Spotsylvania County Schools web site for more information on our outstanding public school system. There are several colleges and universities in the area including University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, UMW's College of Graduate and Professional Studies in Stafford, Strayer University (Fredericksburg campus), Germanna Community College (Locust Grove & Fredericksburg campuses), and Rappahannock Community College (Glenns and Warsaw campuses). Adult and community education is a major part of the total education program in Spotsylvania. Air conditioning & refrigeration, auto mechanics, drafting and electricity are a few of the many courses offered at the Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center. Specialized training and in-plant courses can be organized on request. English as Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and GED courses; vocational and technical training; and apprenticeship training are also available as well as pre-schools and daycare facilities.


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