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Our Approach
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"When Mark and Barbara made their first appearance in Greene County, none of us had ever heard of Fried Companies. Since then, they have received approval for projects that will likely form the basis for a long-range strategic development plan for the county overall. Their professionalism, coupled with their sensitivity to the needs of our citizens, has made them a pleasure to work with, and the result of their efforts here will ultimately benefit everyone."
— Jeri Allen,
Greene County Board of Supervisors
At FCI, we are proud of our reputation for integrity. It is built on two values that we consider essential for successful partnerships: the willingness to listen and a solid commitment to follow-through. We work in alliance with citizens and government to bring communities what they need, whether it is transportation infrastructure, fire equipment, or funding for libraries, animal shelters, schools, or arts organizations. Unlike many developers, we stay involved with communities for years, actively managing many of our properties.


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Disclaimer: The plan presently envisioned for the development of this project is subject to change at any time,
and the developer makes no representation or guarantee with respect to this plan or rendering.
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